Jieli Electric Co., Ltd is a professional retro electric bike manufacturer in China.

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Electric Bike Maintenance in 2022-Everything You Need To Know

Electric Bike Maintenance in 2022-Everything You Need To Know Having an electric bike is a good thing, however, it is also very important for you to know how to do electric bike maintenance. In this post, we’ll walk you through it.   Electric Bike Maintenance In General Keep the E-Bikeappearanceclean Wipe away dust and stains…

American Electric Bike Brand Review-Super73

Super73, the American lifestyle adventure ebike brand   Among all the electric bike brands in America, Super73 is no doubt to be one of the most extraordinary. To those who are new to Super73, there is something you don’t know about them, and it will be revealed to you in this post, keep reading!  …

Compare In Details-Electric Bicycle Hub Motor and Mid Drive motor

The 2 kinds of motors of electric bicycles were introduced to you guys in my last post, see: An Introduction To Electric Bike Engine-Hub Motor & Central Engine. And now I’m gonna compare them in detail as a reference for you to help you pick right what you need, here we go.     Let’s take…