Top 10 E-BIKE Riding and Buying Mistakes that Beginners Make

Top 10 E-BIKE Riding and Buying Mistakes that Beginners Make

In this blog post, we will share the top 10 e-bike riding and buying mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.


Most common ebike buying mistakes

Not considering your needs.

One of the first mistakes beginners make is buying an e-bike without considering their needs and preferences. E-bikes come in different types, styles, and sizes, each with advantages and disadvantages. For example, some ebikes are designed for off-road riding, while others are more suitable for urban commuting. Some electric bikes have a throttle that allows you to ride without pedaling, while others have a pedal-assist system that boosts your pedaling power. Some e-bikes have a removable battery that you can charge separately, while others have a fixed battery that you have to charge with the bike. 


Before buying an ebike, you should consider how and where you plan to use it, how often you will ride it, how much you can afford to spend on it, and what features are important to you.


Buying an e-bike that is too expensive

Another mistake beginners make is buying an e-bike that is too expensive for their budget. Electric bikes can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the bike’s quality, performance, and features. While it is tempting to buy the most expensive electric bike that you can find, you should also consider the cost of maintenance, repairs, accessories, and insurance. Moreover, it would help if you also thought about whether you will use the ebike enough to justify the investment. 


If you are unsure whether you will like e-biking or plan to use it occasionally, start with a cheaper or second-hand e-bike and upgrade later if needed.


Not buying an e-bike that is right for your size.

Another mistake beginners make is buying an ebike that needs to be corrected for their size. E-bikes come in different frame sizes and wheel sizes, and each one affects the bike’s comfort, stability, and maneuverability. If you buy an e-bike that is too big or too small for you, you might need help reaching the pedals, the handlebars, or the brakes. You might also feel uncomfortable or unsafe while riding the bike. 


To avoid this mistake, you should always try the electric bike before buying it and ensure it fits your height and weight. You should also adjust the seat height and the handlebar position to suit your preferences.


Not buying an electric bike with the right features.

Another mistake that beginners make is buying an ebike without paying attention to the features that it offers. ebikes have different components and systems that affect their performance and functionality. For example, some e-bikes have a hub motor in the wheel hub, while others have a mid-drive motor in the bottom bracket. Some e-bikes have a single-speed drivetrain that is simple and easy to use, while others have a multi-speed drivetrain that allows you to change gears according to the terrain. Some electric bikes have mechanical brakes that are cheaper and easier to maintain, while others have hydraulic brakes that are more powerful and responsive. 


Before you buy an ebike, you should compare the features of different models and choose the one that meets your needs and expectations.


Not buying an ebike from a reputable manufacturer

Another mistake beginners make is buying an electric bike from a shady or unreliable dealer. E-bikes are complex machines that require proper assembly, installation, testing, and tuning before being ready to ride. If you buy an e-bike from a dealer who needs to gain the expertise or the equipment to do these tasks properly, you might end up with a faulty or dangerous bike. Moreover, you might also need help with warranty, service, or support if something goes wrong with your bike.


To avoid this mistake, you should always buy your ebike from a reputable manufactaurer with experience and knowledge in selling and servicing electric bikes. You should also check the reviews and ratings of the dealer online or ask for recommendations from other ebikers.


Most common electric bike riding mistakes

Not wearing a helmet

This is a no-brainer, but many ebike riders neglect wearing helmets because they think e-bikes are safer than regular bikes. However, electric bikes can reach higher speeds and have more momentum than regular bikes, which means they can cause more damage in case of a crash.


A helmet can protect your head from serious injuries and even save your life. Always wear a helmet when riding an e-bike, no matter how short or easy the ride is.


Not obeying the rules of the road

Ebikes are considered bicycles in most jurisdictions, which means they have to follow the same rules as regular bikes. This includes stopping at red lights and stop signs, yielding to pedestrians and other vehicles, signaling your turns and lane changes, and riding on the right side of the road. Not only is obeying the rules of the road a legal obligation, but it is also a matter of safety and courtesy. 


By following the rules, you can avoid accidents, fines, and conflicts with other road users.


Riding the e-bike too fast

One of the main attractions of ebikes is their ability to boost your speed with electric assistance. However, riding too fast can also be dangerous, especially if you are not used to it or riding in crowded or unfamiliar areas. Riding too fast can reduce your reaction time, increase your braking distance, and make you lose control of your e-bike. It can also make you less visible and predictable to other road users, who may not expect you to go so fast. 


To ride safely, you should adjust your speed according to traffic conditions, terrain, and skill level. You should also use the lowest level of assistance you need and turn off the assistance when you don’t need it.


Not being aware of your surroundings 

Electric bikes can be very quiet, so they can sneak up on other people and animals without noticing. This can create dangerous situations if you do not pay attention to your surroundings and anticipate potential hazards. For example, you may startle a pedestrian who steps into your path, a dog who chases you, or a car who pulls out in front of you. 


To avoid these scenarios, you should always be alert and aware of what is happening around you. It would help if you also used a bell or horn to alert others of your presence and make eye contact with them when possible.


Not maintaining your ebike

E-bikes are more complex than regular bikes because they have electrical components that need proper care and maintenance. If you neglect to maintain your electric bike, you may experience problems such as battery degradation, motor failure, brake wear, tire punctures, chain rust, etc. These problems can affect the performance and safety of your ebike and may require costly repairs or replacements. 


To prevent these problems, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on charging, storing, cleaning, and servicing your ebike regularly.


Final Thoughts on ebike Riding and Buying Mistakes that Beginners Make

E-bikes offer a fun and convenient way to travel, but as a beginner, avoiding everyday riding and buying mistakes is essential. By considering your needs, choosing the right features, and buying from a reputable manufacturer, you can enjoy your e-bike safely and confidently. Remember always to wear a helmet, obey the rules of the road, ride safely, be aware of your surroundings, and maintain your e-bike properly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.


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