Electric Bike Manufacturers in China-A Simple & Useful Guide

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What is an electric bike manufacturer?

Electric bike manufacturers(or electric bike manufacturing companies) design, produce and quality inspect electric bikes before selling them on the market. It is different from trading companies who do not have the ability to do the bike manufacturing themselves.


The major electric bike categories that electric bike manufacturers produce nowadays are:

1. Folding electric bikes
2. Electric road bikes
3. Electric cargo bikes
4. Electric mountain bikes
5. Electric motorbikes


Most of these categories have both slim tire and fat tire versions.


electric bike manufacturer-jieli electric
jieli electric bikes

What makes a good electric bike manufacturer?

1. Professional facilities to design, produce, warehouse, and inspect ebikes

2. Skilled workers and management of production

3. Trustworthy: business clients can trust them on quotations (not overcharging)/quality/lead time/warranty

4. Professional sales team, which means they are easy and efficient to communicate with, before and after-sales.

Those are basic features that make a good electric bike manufacturer.


Why choose manufacturers over trading companies for your ebike business?


1. Less communication cost


Communication models

Customer-Sales Team-Production Team

Trading Company
Customer-Sales Team(trading company)-Sales Team(manufacturer)-Production Team


In a word, the fewer participants there are, the higher the communication efficiency you got, which also means less energy and time-consuming. You can focus your time and energy on marketing and profits.


2. Price-wise

When a trading company is involved in the business, they are there for their profit, and most of the trading companies are not that big to make manufacturers share their profit, so you get a higher price.

3. Professionalism

Compared to trading companies, electric bike manufacturers simply know ebikes better.

Of course, trading companies have their advantages, for example, better service, when they do not have to deal with production, they have more time to stay with customers.

Where to find good electric bike manufacturers in China?


Most of the electric bike manufacturers in China are located in the following regions
1. Zhejiang Province(Jinhua city, Ningbo City, Hangzhou City)

2. Jiangsu Province(Changzhou City, Wuxi City, Suzhou City)

3. Canton Province(Shenzhen City, Guangzhou City, Dongguan City)


Best practice to search for and get in contact with electric bike manufacturers:

For example, open Google and search “Electric Bike Manufacturer in Jinhua City”, the list of electric bike factories will pop up, easy as it is.


In Conclusion

Electric bike manufacturers design, produce, and inspects e-bikes before selling them on the market, they are an important part of the whole e-bike business. There are some pros to choosing manufacturers over trading companies. Not all manufacturers are the same, it is of great importance to find and work with a professional one.


We at Jieli Electric Technology are a professional electric bike manufacturer, if you want to sell electric bikes or trying to find a new e-bike supplier in China, contact us today!

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