“Their Electric bike is worth much more than I paid. I STRONGLY recommend Jieli electric bikes to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business!”

Jacob-Online Electric Bike Shop Owner

“I love how the way they are working with us. Got their quote for our inquiry sooner than we thought, great service and product quality, excellent aftersales service!”

George-eBike ImporterCalifornia, the U.S.

Ordered several ebike samples from them, received a few weeks ago. These samples turned out to be quite amazing, some customers tried and told us they love these electric bikes! Soon we’ll order more!

Miriam-Purchasing ManagerFlorida, the U.S.

“We ordered about 150 bikes from them 6 months ago, the delivery time was quite satisfying but we found a few bikes that went mildly damaged during shipping. They were informed of this situation and acted efficiently, our loss was made up! Great supplier to work with!”
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Alex-V.P. PurchasingTexas, the U.S.


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